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Posted by: Tim Feb 5 2015, 05:20 AM
NOTE: This character is currently undergoing significant changes to his backstory and other aspects. Please bear with this for now.


"There are some who call me...Tim?"

Cat Tribe // 64 // Male
Lightning // The Outback // Neutral Law
Height: 180 cm / 5'11"

Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs

Figure/Build: Average build, not overly muscular.

Hair: Rough curly black hair, very hard to control, with dark cat-ears emerging from it.

Eyes: Deep blue

Skin: Slightly tanned skin and has a in a fractal pattern down his left upper arm.

Tim belongs to the Cat subtype of the Beast race, and has cat ears on the top of his head and no 'human ears' on his face. He also has a long black tail that is usually hidden beneath his shepherd's cloak. With a longer youth period than humans, Tim looks like a young man in his early 20's despite living for 6 decades already.

Tim is usually seen in some form of robed shepherd's clothing, usually consisting of a dark long-sleeved jacket with a long red cloak draped over his shoulders.

Job: Simple farmer and shepherd. He's also Chairman of the Neutral Board, though he doesn't have very many important duties, leaving most of the decisions to Bradios

Favorite Color: Red

General Temperament: Positive outlook on life, laid back and cheerful attitude

Personality: Tim is a happy-go-lucky soul who enjoys the company of his friends and associates, who can swing to a serious mood at the drop of a hat. This swinging emotional rollercoaster however can cause problems between him and his friends, which is additionally traumatic for him as he only ever means well and maintains his loyalty to his friends even in hard times. A slight recluse he is happy out of the spotlight reading a book, studying his obscure magical research, or helping look over the flocks of Sheep Country. There is still a lot about him that his friends don't understand which is possibly caused by him being from The Outback and being hard to understand from time-to-time. Yet if you gain his trust and loyalty he will do almost anything to support you in whatever you do.

[Tim's tale will be told in greater detail in two short stories currently in the works. They will be linked here upon completion.]

Note: I'm just summing up the basic content of the short stories here so the profile isn't blank. When you get the chance to fine-tune the profile yourself, feel free to wipe out everything I've written and rewrite it in your own words!! --SG2

Tim was a teenager living on his family's sheep farm in Sheep Country during the Outback's war with the Empire. When he got the opportunity to leave his small farm and see the city by signing up for the Outbackian Army, Tim gladly joined and became a combat medic. There he honed his talents and developed a passion for medical magic.

One day, while trying to save the life of one of the army's combat animals, Tim awakened his natural talent for the art of Clonomancy, a type of scientific magic specializing in genetically replicating cells. This talent was seen by his superiors as incredibly valuable to the army and Tim was quickly put on the staff in a top-secret program known as 'The Overman Project'.

In his time on the Project, Tim was involved in very ethically-questionable acts experimenting on human patients. The goal of the project was to create the titular 'Overman', a superbeing who could fight for The Outback and turn the tide of the war. Tim was placed in the bioengineering team, but there were other teams working on their own means of creating the Overman, through the use of such things as drugs and cybertechnology. Tim continued his work out of his love of science and facination with the human(oid) body, and though he did not necessarily approve of some of the project's methods, he also didn't object to them.

After several months on the project Tim became acquainted with a young man named Bradley, becoming close to him during their experimentation sessions. Bradley's incredible optimism and desire to feel useful touched Tim's heart and he began to have his first real doubts about whether what they were doing was 'right', and a desire to save Bradley from the horrible fate of becoming a human experiment. However, that did not come to pass, and Bradley was handed off to the cybernetics team to experiment on. After a full day of trying to shut out his agonizing screams, and eventual silence, Tim was forced to conclude that Bradley did not survive the project.

However, what Tim discovered instead was even more shocking - Bradley had been transformed into a half-man, half-machine, fitted with various cybernetic enhancements in what was clearly a very painful process...suddenly, Bradley came to, and mistook Tim for a fellow experiment rather than a scientist. Grabbing Tim, Bradley escaped from the facility, with the Outbackian army in hot pursuit. However, the battle had reached the shores of the facility, and the entire situation dissolved into complete chaos. Bradley went berserk and began killing soldiers on both sides of the war with no regard for friend or foe, seeing every person with a gun coming at him as a threat.

Tim still wanted to save Bradley from this cruel fate and charged in to find him, even knowing that he might be killed - he was burdened with the guilt of his own actions, and part of him even welcoming giving his life if it could atone for his sins. He managed to talk Bradley down and bring the boy back to his senses, after which the two fled to the Empire's shores with Bradley intending to put an end to the war once and for all.

Tim wasn't sure what happened after that - Bradley left him behind in a safe place and went off on his own. When he came back, he told Tim that he had somehow created a floating continent in the sky, a place where they could be safe from the carnage...Tim had no idea what was going on, but somehow he had become involved in something huge. Bradley - now going by the name of 'Bradios' - asked Tim to stay by his side and help him run their new Neutral Nation together. Tim however declined, saying that he would support Bradios the best he could, but he didn't want any serious responsibilities. All he wanted in life was the very thing he left behind in the first place -a simple farm, full of sheep, on the countryside was ultimately what made Tim the happiest.

Skills: Tim is a skilled mage who has mastered the very rare magical art of Clonomancy, although this is a very draining ability and is hard to perform under high-stress conditions. He is generally skilled in medical magic as well, healing injuries and amputations, of which there are a surprising amount in IGNOLand. Of course he also has great talent using his natural Lightning magic as well.

As his job does not provide a lot of time consuming tasks Tim spent a lot of time working on building the now commonly known Tim-Machine which is a free-for-all Clone Machine anyone can use that runs on Clonomancy magic. This machine amplifies his cloning abilities a great deal as well, and most often he will prefer to use the machine when he can rather than rely purely on his strenuous magic.

Note: I tried to rework the concept of the Tim Machine since the short story tells of Tim learning Clonomancy without the use of a machine. I see it as something he probably built afterwards - possibly even in Bradios' lab at the Banks once he starts living there to help with the Neutral Nation before he returns to Sheep Country - initially just as a device to amplify his own cloning magic. However once the first one gets stolen and he sees the sort of mischief it can cause in the hands of regular people, I feel like he would occasionally sneak new ones out just to mess with people then again, maybe Tim as a man of science would know better than to willingly let something like that fall into normal hands, and actually tries to take them AWAY when he finds out people have one...but it's just sort of out of control at this point that they keep turning up randomly since we can still make a joke of it that way? I dunno, there's stuff to think about --SG2

Weaknesses: While Tim is incredibly smart, and quick on his feet, he is often let down by his lesser physical prowess. Unable to usually exert more than a short period of high intensity physical combat, he relies instead on speed and attempting to use his opponents strength against them, which can lead to him being overrun if he gets in too close. Due to his many magical abilities it therefore requires some level of concentration to perform many of the more complex magics at his disposal. Additionally his loyalty, trust, and desire to follow his own moral code can often be exploited to put him in an uncomfortable position.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: While mostly known as the Clonomancer of IGNOLand this is not the most practical skill to be used in direct combat, beyond the use of additional clone grunts to help swing the tide of battle. However Tim is a fully fledged mage in his own right and has incredible precision over his element of lightning. This is most commonly channeled in a fight through The Lightning Rod (his shepherd crook), a carefully prepared wooden staff made to withstand immense force and conduct electricity to an incredibly high extent, making him a dangerous opponent as he can use it like a quarterstaff to deal with enemies at a close range while firing short bolts from it within a short radius. To help with this speedy approach to a battle he often has a pet sheep named Lassie which he can ride around. Yet Tim is far from the best fighter in IGNOLand and is instead more of a tactician and strategist who prefers to plan out his battles as needed and only get in close and fight when it is absolutely required.

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