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 [Profile] XEN, WIP
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 02:48 AM
Curious God

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Shadow Wind

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The Curious God

God-In-Training // Unknown // Male
Shadow, Wind // IGNO City // Neutral Chaos
Height: 6'0" / 183 cm

Weight: 174 lb. / 78.9 kg

Figure/Build: He is deceptively lean under his slightly baggy clothes, but holds a physique of a swimmer. His face still holds some baby fat, giving him a slightly childish look.

Hair: Currently, his hair is white and is in a perpetual bed-head state. It's decently long, reaching the bottom of his neck on the back. It tends to cover his left eye. Wears it in a ponytail on occasion and holds it back with a bandanna when cooking

Eyes: Stark red, yet holds the look of child-like curiosity. When experiencing heavy emotion, the red glows and the sclera turns black. His left eye is also special in that it's like looking at the night sky; it is pitch black with white specks that twinkle like stars. It only shows when under heavy emotion or stress.

Skin: He is decently tan. Under heavy emotion, tribal markings appear on his upper body and forehead.

Job: Wanderer and Chef

Favorite Color: Purple and Green

Personality: XEN is an... interesting character. He is nonchalant when it comes to just about anything. But really, when one's a God who can do almost anything, what's there to worry about? He lazes around - usually cuddling with something fluffy or soft - when he doesn't have anything else to do. Also, he likes pranks. A lot.

Of course, XEN does have a serious side. Though young as a Godly being, 300 years is nothing to sneeze at. There is a notable shift in the air around him. All traces of laziness are gone and his usually unfocused gaze sharpens. Depending on how bad the situation is, his strictness can make most drill sergeants duck in shame.

Anger is something that will quite literally change XEN. In the beginning of his anger, his older "aspect" gains enough power to influence his mind. Should XEN succumb to his rage, said older "aspect" will take control of his body until XEN takes back control. Said older "aspect" is almost the complete opposite of XEN - cruel, bitter, sadistic... But he also shares some of XEN's sense of morals.

Many eons ago, many races, ancient and current, have lived on a supercontinent. While conflict was common, there was a general sense of peace throughout the land. One day, a wandering deity came upon this wondrous land and decided to see just what it was like. Fascinated by just how vast and diverse it was, they decided to claim it as their own.

However, not too long after, another deity came. The founding deity welcomed the newcomer with open arms and life went on.

Time came and passed. Soon, this world was shared among numerous amounts of Gods and Goddesses. Some were wanderers who found solace here while others were made through the beliefs of the inhabitants of this planet. Whatever the case was, they had all made a home in this great world and decided to create a pantheon and became patrons to the various races that existed.

All was well. One deity, Neriph Xavi, was among the eldest of those in the pantheon. They were one of the first to come to this distant land, in search of something to do. They chose to become the patron of the ancient Chichandians and guardian of their land. While uncommon, Neriph Xavi held an intimate relationship with those they had sworn to protect - they even had a house in Chichanda.

Yes... Millennia passed until the first sign of trouble struck. New divine beings came to this land and came into contact with the pantheon. They had requested to join said pantheon, but were ultimately rejected or were offered minor positions. With the pride often found within such powerful beings, it was natural when tensions grew.

The growing tension finally reached critical mass when one wandering deity found it fit to exterminate one of the original races of the world. This sparked the great and terrible war of the Gods.

Neriph Xavi was one of the few who had abstained from the war, knowing that it only led to ruin. However, when their own people and the land they swore to protect were dragged into this mess of a war, they snapped. They took what remained of their race and raised their land far into the clouds. A little more than two thirds of what was once a grand floating land remained and stayed that way to this day. Chichanda was isolated from the world, but the deity was not done yet.

Neriph Xavi was old. They had experienced so many cycles of life and death, learned of the workings of this universe, and spent countless eons bettering themselves. They were the superior, even among most of his fellow deities. Many immortals were slain or driven away by their wrath. However, not even Neriph could withstand an entire force of divine beings. They escaped to Chichanda as they were fading from existence, leaving their fellow pantheon members to reclaim their land.

Neriph, realizing their end, split themselves into two: Vaphei and XEN. By the time the remaining living deities of the pantheons took care of the outsiders and went to Chichanda to check up on Neriph Xavi, they were met with a crying Vaphei and a comatose XEN.

Vaphei was a stunning beauty of a woman and held all of Neriph's care and protectiveness, as well as his memories. XEN, on the other hand. was a child who held Neriph's emotion and demeanor, but held nothing else. However, no one knew any of that until many years to come. Vaphei took her original self's reins and lived in harmony with the Chichandians while trying to get XEN to wake up.

It has been many millennia since that fateful day. The Ancient Chichandans have all but become extinct, but their descendants, the Zedkiels, the Chichens, and various other flying sentient beings, lived in harmony. Many migrated to the fragmented land below them - a result of the Gods' terrific power. War was still present, but has never been as bloody or huge as what was documented as "The War to End all Wars". The world had healed since then, though scars still remain.

One day, during Vaphei's daily inspection of XEN, he woke up. To say Vaphei was surprised would've been the understatement of the millennia. After checking XEN's mental status and the cause of his awakening, Vaphei found that he was practically a blank slate and had a strong presence of the Wind element inside of him. Thankful for being the one to be there for XEN, Vaphei began filling in on all that he had missed. They had spent time together much like a mother would with her child.

A few years later, Vaphei deemed XEN fit enough to go out and live life among their people. This taught him the many nuances and mannerisms that comes with a society and compounded to the wisdom he got from the short bursts of remembrance from his past life.

However, life for him wasn't all that simple. Wind and its nuances did not come as easily to him as it did his winged brethren. His lack of wings also made him victim of either idolizing (from the older folk) or bullying (from his mentally-similar peers). He had no one who treated him normally, aside from Vaphei.

However, as the years went on, XEN had trained hard in the ways of his sub-element, Wind, after finding it. It was his bread and butter for much of the first century of his life. In the middle of his second, however, he had found that he could use Shadow, which came a lot more easily to him, and studied as much as he could with the limited texts found in Chichanda.

By the time he mastered some of the basics that came with the Shadow element, he hesitated in learning beyond them due to the controversial and morally ambiguous uses of said element. This hesitance extended far beyond the Shadow element, though. Soon, he became disenchanted in doing much else after exploring most of what Chichanda had to offer. Vaphei eventually became fed up with this behavior and, in essence, booted XEN off from Chichanda and warned him not to come back until he fixed his attitude.

And thus begins XEN's adventure...

Skills: XEN has eidetic memory, which helped immensely when he worked on his elements. He has mastery over his Wind element. However, since it isn't his main element, he is limited in certain aspects when it comes to wind. He also has his main element - Shadow. He is extremely skilled in many of the non-lethal uses of Shadow and loves to experiment with it. However, when it comes to the more deadlier side of this element, he's more than a little rusty.

Any skill that can be learned like singing or blacksmithing could be learned by XEN, with the help of his eidetic memory. However, the one skill that he loves the most, and is probably the best at, is cooking. He can also communicate with animals to a degree, with birds being the easiest to do so with. In addition to all this, he dabbles a little in magic, but mainly on stuff like enchantments and healing.

His Godly abilities are very basic. He can teleport to places he's been before with objects and other people in tow. Another thing he can do is something that was special to Neriph - read emotions. However, he isn't exactly the best at filtering what he senses, so he can get overloaded if surrounded by too much extreme emotions.

Weaknesses: He is very curious. This curiosity tends to make everything else seem to fade away, or at the very least keep him distracted from other things. He has a soft heart as well, so he can't really bring himself to do anything too cruel like torturing or killing others. Also, he has a weakness towards anything soft and cuddly.

In addition, he is lazy. If he doesn't want to do something, you'd be hard-pressed to get him to do it. Only Vaphei or someone just as close to him can get him to get his bum-self up and do something. That, or threatening his fluff. (Be warned: there will be a reckoning if the latter is done).

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: His Wind element is his go-to when it comes to a fight, though he uses his Shadow element when needed. He tends to avoid physical contact and likes to attack from afar. When his emotions go haywire, he transforms almost into a different person who he likes to call "Nephs". Nephs would focus more on attacking physically, as well as using the more deadlier side to the Shadow element in conjunction with the Wind element.

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